Our Projects

We are an ambitious group of researchers with the goal of developing scientific projects that help to improve the prognosis of cancer patients with brain metastases.

Drug discovery
Are there more effective ways to find drugs working against brain metastasis?
Radiation gets immediate access to the brain but it is not as effective as expected, why?
Local relapse
Surgery is a key aspect in the treatment of some patients with brain metastasis. If the metastasis is removed, why is this therapy not curative?
It is key to validate our experimental findings in human samples.
New tools for better management
Some of the strategies to diagnose brain tumors are invasive and treatments are frequently not reaching optimal concentrations in the brain; so, could we use new technology to circumvent these aspects?
Research models
How many models of brain metastasis are available? Do we have the models we want? Are they accurate enough reproducing the human disease? Is it easy to get access to brain metastasis models so new researchers can address unsolved questions? Can we do anything to share this knowledge?
Research models
Local and systemic therapy
We want to know why current therapies, either local or systemic, do not work well against brain metastasis.
The brain with metastasis
What is the nature of brain metastasis-associated astrocytes?
The brain with metastasis
Microglia, macrophages
Why are microglia/macrophages linked to all brain disorders, including brain metastasis?
The brain with metastasis
Endothelial cells
Do metastases require the generation of new vessels to thrive?
The brain with metastasis
Is it possible to limit the impact of metastasis on brain function?
Vascular co-option
Is there any realistic opportunity to develop preventive strategies against metastasis?
Can we identify brain metastases subtypes by analyzing large omic datasets?