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A clinically-compatible drug-screening platform based on organotypic cultures identifies vulnerabilities to prevent and treat brain metastasis.

Zhu L, et al. EMBO Molecular Medicine. (2022).

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Stratification of radiosensitive brain metastases based on an actionable S100A9/RAGE resistance mechanism.

Monteiro C, Miarka L, et al. Nature Medicine (2022).

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Protocol to generate murine organotypic brain cultures for drug screening and evaluation of anti-metastatic efficacy

Lucía Zhu, Lauritz Miarka, Patricia Baena, María Perea-García, Manuel Valiente. STAR Protocols (2023)

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Emerging targets for cancer treatment: S100A9/RAGE

M. Valiente, J.M. Sepúlveda, A. Pérez. ESMO Open (2023)

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Updating cancer research with patient-focused networks

M. Valiente & Eva Ortega-Paíno. Trends in Cancer (2023)

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We have expanded our initial collaboration with a single hospital to 12 nation-wide health care institutions. This network is called RENACER (Red Nacional de Metastasis Cerebral). We work in a coordinated manner to identify, collect, biobank and validate new candidates, drugs and biomarkers in human brain metastasis.

We have established a network that allow us to obtain fresh human brain metastases from neurosurgeries. This effort has been possible in collaboration with the CNIO Biobank and the following hospitals: Hospital 12 de Octubre, Hospital de La Princesa, Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra, Hospital Universitario de Burgos, Hospital de Bellvitge, Hospital Universitario de Toledo, Hospital Virgen del Rocío, Hospital Rio Ortega de Valladolid, CHUVI, Hospital Universitario de Albacete, Hospital de La Paz. Collected human brain metastases are analyzed molecularly and tested by their sensitivity to selected drugs using METPlatform.

We have been able to create a long-term and dynamic network that vertebrate the optimal strategy to collect, process and analyze brain metastasis under the experience of the CNIO Biobank.

RENACER has become a national and international reference for researchers and clinicians interested in brain metastasis and a repository for this valuable material. We are also committed to make findings and resources generated by the network useful to promote clinical trials and research on brain metastasis in a continuous effort to benefit patients.


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