Lluís Cordón Barris


Lluís was born in Cruïlles (1988). He graduated in Biology at the University of Girona (UdG) in June 2006 where he approached Science for the very first time working on HIV at the Haematology Department at the University Hospital Dr.Josep Trueta. Neuroscience engaged him to perform a Ph.D. at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) under the supervision of Dr. José Ramón Bayascas, unveiling a PI3K signalling pathway depending specifically on the PDK1 PIF-pocket domain as an indispensable hub for neurogenesis during brain development. Afterward, he extended his passion and curiosity for brain development in his first postdoc at the University of Liege, where he contributed to deciphering the mechanisms leading to microcephaly upon Zika infection. In parallel, he was involved in several projects related to malformations of cortical development within the Era-Net Neuron consortium. In 2018, he followed up his interest in translational medicine by joining the Dr. Giorgia Quadrato group at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. There Lluís studied the contribution of the postsynaptic proteins in autism disorder reproducing some patient’s brain features in brain-derived organoids. He now joined Dr.Manuel Valiente’s group to determine the molecular logic behind the reprogramming of glial cells associated with brain metastasis to uncover basic principles that might be expanded to other disorders of the CNS and exploited as innovative therapeutic applications.