Mariam Al-Masmudi


Mariam was born in Madrid (1986). As an undergraduate student at the University of Malaga (Biology degree), she developed a strong interest for neuroscience. This led her to join the laboratory of Dr. Zafaruddin Khan as an intern student at the Centro de Investigaciones Medico Sanitarias (CIMES). When she finished her degree, she received an FPU fellowship to continue with a PhD in the same laboratory studying novel strategies to prevent memory loss in aging and in Alzheimer´s disease. She presented this work at national and international conferences and published in leading journals in the field. During her PhD training, Mariam visited the laboratory of Dr. Zafar Bashir at the University of Bristol (UK) to perform in vitro slice electrophysiology experiments. In 2015, she defended her PhD thesis and joined the laboratory of Dr. David Fernández at the Autonomous University of Madrid as a postdoc to apply electrophysiological techniques in vivo. In July 2019, she joined the Brain Metastasis Group as a Postdoc where she applies her previous background in neuroscience to implement novel methods to better diagnose brain tumors using low-invasive approaches. Mariam is part of the international project Nanobright.