Ana de Pablos

PhD student

Ana was born in Segovia (1994). She obtained her degree in Biotechnology at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid (2012-2016). She was awarded with a scholarship from the same university for students with brilliant academic records. During this time, Ana performed a research internship in the virology laboratory from Hospital Gregorio Marañón and joined the CNIO summer program in 2015. The last year of her bachelor’s degree, she joined the group of Professor Eva Hernando at NYU Langone Medical Center (New York). Ana developed her bachelor’s dissertation thesis contributing on a project focused on the epigenetic and phenotypic characterization of AMIGO2, a novel melanoma survival gene, which was later published in Molecular Cell (2017). After graduating from Biotechnology, she stayed as a Research technician at Hernando’s lab , where she was involved in different projects related to the study of epigenetic regulation of melanoma metastasis and contributed to several publications in high impact journals. These early steps in Cancer Research, motivated Ana to study a master’s degree on Molecular Biomedicine at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), covered by a scholarship from the same university. She joined the Brain Metastasis group to develop a project for her master thesis about organ adaptation of metastatic cells (2018-2019). Later on, Ana obtained the La Caixa- INPhINIT-incoming fellowship (2019) for pursuing her PhD at the Brain Metastasis Group working on the characterization of brain metastasis-associated astrocytes including their ontogeny and their crosstalk with lymphocytes. Since then, she has become an active volunteer of AECC foundation, at first by keeping company to oncological patients at day hospital, and then, collaborating in outreach activities for youths and kids. Ana has recently been selected by Celera, a leadership program that identifies young talented people in Spain, as one of their 10th generation members.