Welcome to Valiente Lab Brain Metastasis Group

The laboratory develops research projects on brain metastases.

What do we do?

Our objective is to understand the biology of brain metastasis in experimental models in order to develop new opportunities for treating patients suffering from this disease.


Novel models of brain metastasis

We are always interested in keep improving experimental models to mimic more closely the human disease.

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Defining the role of commonly de-regulated genes in brain metastasis

The functional analysis of candidate genes is the main objective of this project.

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How does the brain react to the presence of metastatic cells?

In this research project we study the role of brain cells (brain microenvironment) in the development of brain metastases.

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Targeting established brain metastasis

We want to understand what are the molecular mechanisms that maintain a steady growth once metastasis is established.

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Establishing novel pre-clinical models: Studying relapse after radiation therapy in brain metastasis

We propose that characterizing the process of relapse after treatment could be key for improving current therapies and increase their benefits.

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Our team

With a multidisciplinary approach applied to the biology of brain metastasis we intend to develop new approaches to answer clinically important questions. Our team consists of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with previous experience in different scientific fields.

Meet the team